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Empowered Childbirth Classes: Get Educated! Get Inspired! Get Empowered!

 Please note: All Childbirth Classes are taught at the

  Motherwise Childbirth Education Center in Radford, Va.  

Are you looking for a Childbirth Class that is actually created to help you have an empowering childbirth experence? 

Do you want a class that will teach you more than just out dated breathing techniques and hospital protocal?

Then look no further.  This class series is designed and taught by an experienced doula who has attended almost 100 births and is also a student midwife. With over 8 years experience helping moms have babies!

You will walk away with a deep respect for your bodys' own ability to give birth, ready to embrace the journey ahead.

The class series is perfect for hospital moms desiring a natural, unmedicated birth, 2nd time moms desiring a better birth experience, and homebirth moms.


Cost: $125.00/couple per 6 week class series

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  Why is this class different then the classes offered at the local hospitals? Hospital class often teach out dated material and only cover the basic anatomy of childbirth.  They also teach you how to be a "good patient" and not an active consumer.  This class is designed to teach you.  Most hospitals don't even know how to teach women about giving birth naturally.  In our area hospitals (and most hospitals throughout the country) 90% of women recieve medication during labor and birth. And 32-42% of women end up with a cesarean birth.  Learn how to reduce your risks.

* Positions for an active birth: Get up! Get active! and Give birth!  Learn what midwives have known for centuries, that an active birth is a safer and faster way to give birth. 

* Informed Consent How to get it and why:  Learn effective communication skills to get the answers to your questions and how to truly get informed consent for your labor and birth

* Birth Partner Survivor skills:  Your partner will actually learn time honored techniques to assist and ease your birth experience.

* Videos of women actually giving birth naturally without the use of pain medications.

* Smaller class sizes:  Classes are designed for a maximum of 4 couples to assure an intimate class with lots of time for questions and practice of techniques learned.

The Class series is an ecclectic blend of lamaze, bradley, birthing from within and many others. I do not believe that childbirth is a method.  Rather I believe that every woman is born with the ability to give birth.