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Welcome to the World baby Brayden! Born January 24,2011 He weighed 7lbs and 0.6oz
Welcome Baby Sage!! Born December 8, 2010 at home
Empowered Childbirth Classes starting March 16, 2011 in Blacksburg
Homebirth; A Safe, Affordable & Legal Option Support Midwives!
Peace on Earth begins at birth

 Women have been supporting and educating each other through their pregnancies and childbirth experiences for hundreds of years.  Mothers, Sisters, aunts, and grandmothers offer support and education through sharing of their own stories.

Today, many of the stories are becoming more and more fearful and disapointing.  Having a homebirth with a midwife or hiring a doula to assist at a hospital birth are helping many women take back their childbirth experiences.

Giving birth is one of the most important things you will ever do.  You will only get one chance to give birth to this baby.  Giving birth is a right of passage that changes us.  It has the power to transform us to show us a side of ourselves we may not have known existed; our inner woman which is strong, capable, beautiful and perfectly designed to give birth.

Giving birth surrounded by people you trust, supported, encouraged, guided and empowered, helps women find their power as a woman and lays the foundation for positive self esteem as a woman and a mother.  When  a womans birth is managed, womens' experiences are taken from them and we are robbed of the beauty that birth is. 

Do you want a better birth experience?

Do you want to have your baby the way you choose?

Then look no further I have been assisting women (and their partners) achieve their desires for a normal birth since becoming a doulas in 2002, and now as a student midwife, under the direct supervision of a licensed CPM.  I was once asked by a nervous father at an interview why my presence at a birth would increase their chance of a natural, normal birth and my response was that though there may be many people at a birth that "think" you can do it I "KNOW" you can do it.  I believe in Birth.  I trust birth.  

When thinking about what kind of birth experience you want ask yourself these questions:

* What story will you pass on to your children?

* What stories will you pass on to your friends?

* Will you come out of your birth experience feeling EMPOWERED or DISEMPOWERED?

* Will YOU manage your birth and be an active participant in your prenatal care, your labor & birth? Or will every aspect of your prenatal care, labor & birth be managed by someone else?

You Do Have a Choice!


I will be happy to offer you:

* Prenatal Care Referrals

* Postnatal Care Referrals

* Homebirth Referrals

* Waterbirth Referrals

* Breastfeeding Support

* Hospital Doula Services

* Empowered Childbirth Education Classes

* Newborn Education


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