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 Prenatally: I provide 2- 3 prenatal visits to get to know you and you partner as well as your preferences for the labor and birth. These visits will usually begin during the 32nd week of pregnancy.  Each prenatal is individualized to the mother and her partners needs. These prenatals are a very important part of preparing for the birth of your baby as it gives us the time needed to get to know one another and will also help you and your partner be better prepared for the birth. I will also be more than happy to offer recomendations for local chiropractors, prenatal yoga instructors, local la leche league meetings, etc.    During this time all clients are free to borrow books, videos/dvd's from my extensive lending library.  It is important to remember that doulas are not midwives.  My role is strictly that of a non-clinical provider.  

During Labor: As a doula I provide continuous physical and emotional support for the mother throughout her labor and birth.   I will join the mother and her partner during labor when they decide they need my support. This may be at their home or at the hospital.  I remain with the mother and her family throughout her labor providing constant reassurence and praise as well as comfort techniques, such as, assistance with positioning, massage, counter-pressure, and much,much more!!!!!!!!!!

Postpartum:  I remain with the family approximately 1 to 1.5 hours after the birth.  During this time I assist the mother with early breastfeeding, cleaning up, assist with photos etc.  I usually will do a postpartum follow up visit 1 to 2 weeks after the birth of baby.  During this visit it is always nice to see mom and baby and to revist the birth.  I am available at any time during the early postpartum period to assist with any breastfeeding or newborn care questions

Fee: $700.00

 * Payment plans available