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Local Resources

Welcome to the local resources page.  Here you will find a collection of local professionals who offer a service that I feel is very beneficial during the pregnancy and the postpartum period, for both mother and baby in our area.  Please check  back regularly as new services and practitioners will be added soon 


Chiropractic care

Dr. Lee Matthis, DC        Tuck Chiropractic Clinic Christiansburg, Va             540.382.3000


Massage Therapy       

Kristina Youker                                                                                          540.558.9585



Prenatal Yoga 

Kristina Youker                Radford, Va                                                         540.558.9585 


 Placenta Encapsulation Service

 Placenta Pills are believed to:

- Lessen “baby blues”
-Lessen incidence of postpartum depression
- Increase breast milk production
- Lessen postpartum bleeding
- Ease fatigue
- Replenish nutrients lost during childbirth
- Ease the postpartum transition
 Jessie Peters 
 Roanoke Birth Services

 Breastfeeding Support



 La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing 

support, encouragement, information, and education to women who want to breastfeed.

  Winema - (540) 381-4044 ~ Janine - (540) 818-1781 ~ Susan – (540) 953-1024

La Leche League Leaders are available to answer breastfeeding questions. 
Please call for Meeting Location or more Information!

Meeting Schedule

1st   Tuesday at 10:00 am 


2nd  Tuesday at 6:30 pm

(Contact a leader to confirm meeting times and location)

Feb/June/Oct · Advantages of Breastfeeding to Mother and Baby 
Mar*/July*/Nov* · Baby Arrives:  The Family and the Breastfed Baby *
Apr/Aug/Dec · Art of Breastfeeding and Overcoming Difficulties 
Jan/May/Sep · Nutrition and Weaning

* Dads/Partners are Welcome at the Baby Arrives evening meeting

Meeting Location

Blacksburg Christian Church

Blacksburg, VA

(Corner of Watson and Tom’s Creek – across from Gilbert Linkous Elementary)




 Marsupial Mamas 

A wonderful and LOCAL babywearing company!  You will find a variety of slings, accessories and information about wearing your baby and choosing the right sling for your baby. 


Marsupial Mamas is a family owned, family run business.  Bear that in mind if you call and you hear my daughter in the background chit chatting with her stuffed sheep...

Our beautiful little peanut was born premature which presented us with many challenges. As a result we discovered babywearing early on and I'm SO glad we did. It soothed my daughter when she was fussy, it kept her warm when she only weighed 4lbs 9oz, it helped us bond in the wake of the shock, and best of all, it saved our sanity! Our precious preemie has thrived and I can't help but think that keeping her so close to us played a BIG part. I am forever grateful for discovering babywearing and the babywearing community and through opening Marsupial Mamas I hope to be able to share the love and educate others about this wonderful way of life.

We are a new business as of May 2010 and we have a long way to go - we invite you to join us in making Marsupial Mamas a successful venture : 


phone:  (540)-552-0052



Babywearing Groups

 Babywearers of the New River Valley -Can be found on Facebook!  A local group that was started for babywearers in our area.  A wonderful resource for all moms wanting information and support for babywearing.



Not so local but great products:


 Order yours at: