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The Midwifery Model of Care

  The Midwife Philosphy treats pregnancy and childbirth , as normal, natural events in a woman's life. and addresses both her physical and her emotional needs and concerns.

 Midwives take a fundamentally different approach to prenatal care, and labor and delivery, than the aproach taken by the majority of doctors and hospitals. As a midwife we are proud and honored to serve women as their midwives.  We create a partnership of care with the woman, providing information, reccomendations, and education while fostering respect and trust, minimizing interventions and reffering women to obstetrical care when needed.

Midwives offer the best chance of having a natural, normal birth with little to no interventions.



Midwives also spend more time prenatally with an expectant mother and her partner then most physicians.  Typically in the US a visit with a physician/Obstetrician averages 3 minutes!!! However a visit with a midwife will typically run 45min to an hour. 

 Principles of Midwifery

* Birth is a normal, natural, and healthy process.  Women and babies have the inherent wisdom to necessary for birth

* Babies are aware sensetive human beings at the time of birth and should be acknowledged and treated as such

*Breastfeeding provides the optimum nourishment for newborns and infants

*Birth can safely take place in Birth Centers and Homes

*The Midwifery Model of Care , which supports and protects the normal birth process, is th emost appropriate for the majority of women during pregnancy and birth