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Women Who I have had the pleasure of serving during their labor and birth share their stories with you.  I'm honored to be "with women" As they find their power and strength as women and mother's. All the stories have been written by the mother's and or their partner's. I feel this is important as it is their story to tell and not mine. * please note that some names have been changed at the couples request to protect privacy

Note" The fast labors always keep me on my toes

Midwives Give Birth Too; My Story

My new little baby boy turned two months the other day and I found
myself reflecting on his birth and I wanted to share with all of you.

On august 7th I began having somewhat of those annoying early labor
contractions, and I call them annoying because that is what they are.
They don't hurt and they will drive you to the brink of insanity
wondering if "this is it" or ok I'm going to have a baby today..ugh I
think!". I had some bloody show, a good sign. As the day
progressed they were becoming a little more noticeable but not
really. Later that night I decide maybe my midwife friends should
come. When they did I was found to be 6cm dilated. Ok yippee here we
go I thought. A few hours later my contractions had stopped. I was
a loose 6 almost 7cm. I was frustrated I just wanted to have my
baby! Around 6am we decided it was best to just leave well enough
alone. No contractions equal no baby. Everyone went home. Baby and
I were both fine and It was evident that he was not going to choose
that day to be his birthday. Slightly irritated I went to bed. Oh
well I thought he'll come tomorrow for sure I thought. As a mother I
was frustrated but as a midwife I knoew that baby's come when they
are ready not when it is most convenient for the mother or the
midwife. Every day I thought ok maybe today and then nothing. Ok
maybe tomorrow and then nothing. A week later with my back hurting I
decided to put on a back brace. Within 5 min I felt a shift in my
pelvis and the baby moved. Wow I thought! No back pain you are in a
good position now I told myself and the baby. I went on to work that
night. No need in missing work I thought! My mother went with me,
just in case she said. At 3:20 in the morning I went to the bathroom
and laid down on an air mattress that my youngest daughter was
sleeping on. At 3:30 I heard a pop and wow the great dam of amniotic
fluid burst everywhere. "OK now its really going to happen I
thought! My mother was surprisingly calm, age has done her well
because with one of my others she acted like a complete spastic nut!
Ok wait I'm at work I gotta get home and I cant drive myself. I
called a good friend of mine. Who came after me. I'd like to say
that it is a good friend who will get out of their nice cozy bed ant
3:30 in the morning. I call wanda and Crystal. Who headed out
immediately. By 4 I was having contractions. REAL contractions. My
friend drops me off at home. Are you sure you don't want me to stay?
He asks. OH yeah I thought! I just knew I was getting ready to get
primitive and didn't want him to see me naked lol. 15 min after he
left boy was I primitive off went the clothes and down poured the
sweat. By 4:35 I'm feeling pressure. I was on the phone with wanda
and crystal the whole time. Where are you asked "15 minutes away
they responded. Oh no that's too long I thought. They'll never make
it. Then the real pressure began. I could feel his head sinking and
pushing down with every contraction. "BLOW" crystal and Wanda said.
I'm Blowing and thinking this is Crap! Don't push Blow my foot!" Do
you know how many women I have said that to during labor. Oh the
irony of it all. Finally at 5 am they arrive. Crystal checks and
says I cant feel a cervix, I joke and say that's because there isn't
any! Wow I had forgotten how strange transition is. Its when you
have your most intense contractions of labor and the head begins
moving further down in your pelvis so you have pain and pressure! Wow
transition was over and all I could feel was the need to push. I
never mind pushing. It feels good to do something besides
surrender. Then I feel his head come down he's about to crown. "He's
right there I say to Wanda" . I push I blow I push I blow the head
is out. Wow as I guide my hands to catch my child. Out he comes in
one gush. I lift him to my chest. He's gorgeous and wow "IT'S A
BOY" . Wow I joked, "Good thing I planned a Homebirth because I
wouldn't have made it to the hospital!"
I must admit I really had to let go of the midwife in me and just be
the mother who was going to give birth. I was so use to Helping
everyone else that I was micro managing myself. I let go and I let
nature have her way. All of my children have been born naturally but
Kingston is the only one to have been born at home. Wow what an
experience. It was so simple. So peaceful. So perfect! Many thanks
to Crystal and Wanda for sharing in the experience with me.


First time mom about to give birth in the car!


On a Wednesday morning of April, one day before my due date, I woke up at 5 am with contractions. I tried to stay in bed but I couldn’t fall back asleep. I decided to take a bath. Without making any noise, I went to the downstairs bathroom. While I was selecting something to read in the bath, my water broke. I waited a bit to make sure that it was what was happening and then I decided to take a bath with the 2 cats near me. Around 6:30 am, I called my doula. She offered to come right away but I told her that there wasn’t the need (the contractions were close in time but not too painful, well I was able to read!). She said that she would call me back in one hour. Meanwhile I kept timing the contractions. A little bit before 7 am, I went up and I decided to wake up my husband. I told him “Are you ready to be a dad today?” He jumped off the bed, half awake and looked at me excited: “what happened?” I told him that my water broke and he asked me if he had time to take a shower. I said “sure”, again I didn’t feel much pain. 15 minutes later, the contractions became more painful and I felt that I couldn’t stand it on my own so I called the doula again. She couldn’t come home right away but she said that she would be here around 8:30 am. She told me to take another bath which I did but this time it didn’t help much. I was clearly having more and more pain. After that point, I mainly stayed in the restroom, seating on the toilet, that was the most “comfortable” for me. Shortly after, the pain became so intense that I started screaming. I remember thinking that it was a stupid idea to get pregnant. I also didn’t know what to think: were these the first signs of labor? If yes, then how could I ever stand the whole process? This was barely bearable as is! On the other hand, I had a clear feeling that I was in the transition period, my pain was too intense and contractions were very close to each other, I couldn’t’ rest in between. Had I been in the hospital, I most probably would have asked for an epidural. Every minute or so, my husband was checking on me while getting ready and at one point I almost tear his arm apart! By then I started dreading the car ride because I thought that I would be in too much pain. My husband stayed very calm and said that I could do it. We left for the hospital at 8:15 am, after calling the doula, who was on her way to our house. She was going to meet us at the hospital. I closed my eyes when I got into the car and I barely opened them again until my baby was born. When I got into the car, I felt the urge to push. While my husband was driving, the doula was on the phone with the speakers on and she was giving me directions on how not to push! It was hard and I was breathing heavily but overall it was still better than the contractions at home, I had more time in between them so I could recuperate and concentrate. After what seemed an eternity to me (about 20/25 minutes), we arrived at the hospital. The doula was there, waiting for us at the entrance. I was relieved to see her! I could barely walk though, I could not open my eyes either. The best part is when we got to the birth center, the nurse was quite adamant that I should sign the consent forms. I was quite incapable! “Baby is coming! No time to sign anything!”

As I sat on the bed, I started feeling a relief “we made it!” The doula said: “now you can push!” There were 2 nurses holding my legs, the doula to my left and my husband to my right both holding my hands (the doula gently stroking my hair). At first I didn’t push correctly, but soon enough I figured it out. I pushed for about 45 minutes. Later, I asked my husband what he was thinking while I was pushing and he said that he was anxious, he was hoping that all would go well. Towards the end, the doctor said that he would give one more chance to push while he would use the vacuum. This gave me the motivation to push even harder. The doctor did use the vacuum and my baby boy was born!

From 5 am until 9:45 am, I was blessed with a very fast delivery.




Birth Story of Braden

April 28, 2008


Pat:                  It all started with the meat rub…


Rachel:             We had a fantastic dinner at a friend’s house the night before…with a great London broil.  Our friend Jared thinks he can sell the “meat rub” as a labor inducer.  My back was very achy, but that could have been due to the furniture I moved on Friday…I had the urge to switch my office to a more private location of the building and get organized!!  Nesting, I guess…


Pat:                  The following morning was raining, so I worked from home.  I felt the urge to remove tags and wash some of the many baby clothes items.  I also made Rachel’s lunch that morning with a note in it that said: “P.S. Call me if you are going into labor” (intended as a joke).


Rachel:             I went out to show property to one of my favorite clients, who just happened to be an OB/GYN nursing professor.  We parted ways after the last property showing and not two minutes into my drive back to the office, my water broke…it was around 11:00am.  I called Pat…then I called Cindy…we all agreed that since I was not having contractions that I would go about my day…By 2 pm, I was having some hot flashes and cramping every 12-15 minutes, but I stayed at work for my 3:30pm appointment.  I was supposed to list a house the next day and had to get the keys.  On my way home, I chatted with a friend to keep my mind occupied.  I told her my water broke…she asked me if I was having contractions, I told her I was not sure.  Then she asked if I felt like I was having severe menstrual cramps.  When I told her “yes”…she started cracking up and said, “You’re totally in labor!!”  No way….I thought!!


Pat:                  At 4pm, I was leaving to run errands and Rachel arrived home and asked me to stay…Rachel was in total labor denial…I had expected her to go into labor later in the evening since her water broke…but she was in full blown labor and still sending emails.  Her last email was from Cindy…who told her also to get off the computer and go relax…thank goodness she listened to her.  She got into the tub and I packed for the hospital…


Rachel:             I tried to slow my labor in the tub, but I had Pat call Cindy and tell her we had to go to the hospital…contraction were 2-5 minutes apart…it was about 5pm.


Pat:                  We got into the car around 6pm and I called Cindy. We were on our way to the hospital and Rachel wanted to push.  Cindy said she had to get on her side and blow through the contractions.  I just kept thinking…Please God, let us get to the hospital.  I do not want to deliver this baby on a dirt road in Giles County


Rachel:             That car ride was insane…my body started to heave as soon as we got in the car.  I was trying to squat to relieve the pressure…thank God Cindy and Pat were on the phone and she told me how to work through the contractions in the car….all 50 minutes of that crazy car ride.  “Lay on my side, blow thru the heaving, drink water and prepare for the next one…” was all I could think about.  I was literally squeezing my knees together to hold that baby in.  I do remember Pat trying to cover my naked butt as we passed trucks on 460 (I had a dress on and I was lying on my side in the back seat) …that was hilarious, now that I think about it.  I wonder how many folks saw my bare butt?



Pat:                  I called the hospital on the way there.  When we arrived, I helped Rachel out of the car and I felt like the baby might come right then and there….in front of the hospital. Rachel wanted to lie down in the grass.  After a strong contraction, we made it in the Birth Place.  


Rachel:             As I got to the front desk, I said “I need a bed”…the nurse started asking questions about my due date, how I was feeling, etc.  I could see Cindy rushing up behind me (Thank GOD!!)  I think my head spun, smoke came out my ears and my voice was crazy…”no, I need a bed”…she pointed to a room and turned to ask a nurse if she should put me in that room…too late, I was the first one running in there…I jumped on the bed.  Within seconds 4 or 5 nurses were flying around me.  They instructed me to lie on my side until they were ready.  I told them I had a birth plan and I did NOT want an episiotomy…one nurse laughed and replied, “Don’t worry honey, there is not a doctor here”.  I can remember Cindy telling me I was in total control…over and over again…whether I believed it or not, it sure was good to hear!!


Pat:                  I was breathing with Rachel…honestly I felt like I should distract her from all the chaos and scrambling…once the nurses realized the baby was coming immediately…It felt like it was one contraction, one push and the baby was born…like a bat out of a cave…


Rachel:             It felt like maybe 2 contractions and 2 pushes…what a relief after holding him in for that FOREVER car ride.  What an amazing experience!!  There he was…tiny and perfect!! 


So many people tell us how lucky we were to have such a short birth, but if you think about it, it was several hours.  We were just prepared and stayed calm.  Because of the prep with Cindy, I think we were able to have the birth we wanted, with minimal time laboring in the hospital.  We are definitely having the next one at home!!  No more car rides!!

 Power As a Woman

Dear Cindy,
The birth of my third baby girl was the most amazing experience for me and you were there every step of the way. From the beginning when we had just moved here and I was so sick and needed support and love, to the most beautiful moment of my baby's birth. You encouraged me and gave me the confidence I needed to have a beautiful experience. You helped me find my power as a woman - the power to listen to my body, trust myself, do what I felt was best for me and my baby, and have the birth that I wanted to have - not someone else's wishes, but my own. I am so grateful for the power and the confidence you gave me!
I was so glad to have you with me during my labor. You have a calmness, a gentleness, a steadiness about you during labor that is very comforting. But you also have a firmness that I needed to get me through to the end. You created a soothing environment that I felt safe in. My body was able to just do what it was meant to do. In my previous labors my body has always stalled at some point, but with this labor I felt so comfortable that any fear I had was quickly dispelled. My comfort level was apparent as I chose to stay so long in my nice safe place that we barely made it to the hospital!

Here are my thoughts as I go back and relive the labor and delivery. You made yourself at home in my home when you came, from getting me heat packs and blankets to making me toast, running a bath and doing whatever needed to be done. That was very reassuring to me. It felt like you had always been here and knew just what to do. You talked me through so much of my labor. I really needed that. Your voice was soothing and when my surges got really intense I felt panic start to rise in me if for some reason I didn’t have your voice talking me through them. I remember getting to the point when I felt that I couldn’t do the surges anymore – they were too much. You just kept saying, “Catch it and stay on top of it; don’t let it get ahead of you” and it would help me to stay with it and not lose control. I would have lost control if not for your voice. I remember talking and laughing and joking between surges. What a great memory. I have never laughed and joked between surges before! The van ride to the hospital on that super windy night just about did me in but we joked in the back of the van too and I remember laughing even when I thought I would die! I needed you in the back of that van. I am so grateful you were there. Just like a sturdy rock for me to lean on the whole time. Somehow I stopped the labor and we made it to the hospital and then the scary part for me – pushing. I kept thinking that I needed to relax and breathe the baby down, but this part is always so scary and painful for me. I started to panic. I just couldn’t stay with it and keep control. You were standing on my right side and you caught my attention. This is when your firmness helped me the most. I focused in on your eyes and started breathing with you. I was able to get on top of it again. I can’t believe I got control again at that point, but you just kept eye contact with me and kept breathing and talking me through it. It was so much easier to relax and breathe and I accomplished my goal - to breathe my baby down. And I did! And I felt wonderful and empowered and so, so thankful. What an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you so much for being a part of it all and for making it so beautiful. Thank you for loving what you do and for loving the women you serve.





 The Birth of My little Boy  October 17th By Amanda Quesenberry

My name is Amanda Quesenberry. I am a proud mother of a three year old boy.  I just want to let every mother out there know that the services that Mother Moon offers is the real deal. Honestly I never thought having a Doula would change my life.  The Doula I had was so wonderful. I don?t think that my experience of child birth would have been so wonderful with out her.  A Huge thanks to Cindy Dobos.



We were so grateful to have her throughout my whole pregnancy & I still call her for advice on so many levels. I am from Blacksburg, VA. I have a wonderful husband & son. I thought the day I got married was the happiest day of my life, but the day I gave birth was the most unbelievable experience of my life. At first I was horrified about the stories I heard about birth. Let me tell you that from my experience, that my Doula changed my whole outlook on childbirth in a very unique & positive way.



Let me just take a minute to tell about the day I gave birth. On that day we almost lost our son. That was the worst feeling in the world. I hope no mother has to ever go through that. My son was not breathing when he was born. I had my son at a local hospital as planned. Let me just tell you that when I said that my son was not breathing the nurse just stood there. Cindy my Doula the one & only person out of the room grabbed the oxygen off the wall & put it on our son.  Cindy was very calm throughout the hole thing & she made sure that I held our son before they took him out of the room to work on him. The nurse was just going to rush him out of the room.



Our son is a healthy, happy little boy now.  We thank god everyday for having Cindy our (Doula). She is a very important part of our lives till this day. I honestly believe that everyone should have a Doula like her!! A special thanks to Cindy Dobos I don?t think we could have done this without you. We Love you more that words can say.