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Birthing At Home

  The Benefits

* Registered Midwives, on the average, spend a minimum of four times the contact hours with a woman at one-third the cost of a physician- attended hospital birth  (Colorado Midwives Association).

* Birthing at home with a well-trained and well-equipped midwife offers healthy women and their families a safe opportunity to give birth in an environment of confidence, relaxation, trust, and security.

* Birthing at home includes prenatal visits that are personal, in- depth, and thorough. Childbirth preparation and education is intentionally incorporated into each visit.

* Birthing at home ensures continuity of care, which promotes depth and trust between you and your midwife.

* Birthing at home provides an opportunity to labor in the comfort, privacy, and freedom of your own home, surrounded by people you love and trust.

* Birthing at home ensures that a healthy mother and baby are not separated at birth.

* Birthing at home fosters bonding for the entire family.

* A plethora of research documents the safety of low risk women birthing at home with a trained professional. The British Medical Journal, for example, published a study of planned homebirths involving 5418 women in North America. They summarize the study by stating that, "For women with low risk pregnancies in North America, giving birth at home bears similar risks of intrapartum and neonatal mortality as giving birth in a hospital, but planned home births are associated with lower rates of medical interventions. In a prospective cohort study, Johnson and Daviss (p 1416) evaluated the safety of home births involving certified midwives in 5418 women who intended to give birth at home when labour began. The study participants experienced substantially lower rates of epidurals, episiotomies, forceps deliveries, vacuum extractions, and caesarean sections than women with low risk pregnancies who gave birth in a hospital."

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